At Bunnell Hitchon Insurance we value the importance of giving back to the community. Our company works with many local organizations on an ongoing basis to give back including Harmony United Church, Brant United Way, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and many more.

In the spirit of the importance of giving back to our community our Executive Vice President, and 27 year industry expert at Bunnell Hitchon Insurance, Michael Moore (Mike) continues to coach Baseball and currently acts as the head coach for the Bunnell Hitchon Brantford Red Sox.

The Red Sox are a group of enthusiastic boys age 12 who are passionate about the game of baseball while learning life-long lessons about sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance. “For myself, there was always that coach or individual in the community that you looked up to, that person gave back, they gave their time acting as an invaluable role model to youth.” Said Mike Moore. “Whether it’s coaching or canvassing, a breakfast program or fundraising it really is important to give back to the community.”

Mike started coaching baseball 6 years ago. He truly enjoys teaching the team not only about the game, but helping them grow as individuals. “I love that within coaching baseball I am able to help teach important life lessons like how to win and lose, how to deal with different personalities on a team, how to learn and grow together – it’s a very rewarding experience.” Added Mike.

Mike’s latest project with the team is focused on fundraising for their upcoming once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in The Cooperstown Park Dreams Tournament which takes place in New York State home of the world-renowned Baseball Hall of Fame.

Here the team will be one of 104 participating which are comprised of mostly US players. The Bunnell Hitchon Red Socks will go head-to-head with fellow baseball players in a week long tournament. Not only does the tournament offer the boys a chance to play, but given the historic location it’s a unique opportunity for the team to experience the past of baseball.

The team will be staying right at the Dreams Park Facility allowing them a once-in-a-lifetime historical experience alongside their teammates.

Given there were over 600 teams on the waiting list to attend, and only 104 allowed to participate it is an hounour for the Bunnell Hitchon Red Socks to have been selected.

“I am so excited for our team to experience this amazing and unique opportunity. Not only will the experience create life long memories for the team, but there is also a special pin sharing custom where all of our players will exchange a pin with their other players on the field – it’s really a highlight, bringing the entire weekend together.” Said Mike “I look forward to coaching the team during the week-long tournament and sharing in the joy of such an unforgettable experience.”

If you are interested in supporting the Bunnell Hitchon Red Socks in their fundraising efforts to attend this year’s Cooperstown Tournament visit their page at

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