The Great Lakes rising water levels is one of the highest it has ever been since 1918. Near the beginning of May, the lakes rose approximately 55 centimeters above average. Not only is this year’s flooding a result thawing lakes, it’s also being caused by heavy torrential rain, and aging city infrastructure.

Due to all of this water, unfortunately many homes and cottages have already been affected, and there’s no certainty as to when the problem will be fully resolved. If you own personal property you’re going to want to ensure you have a good homeowner’s insurance policy that will protect you in the event your home or belongings suffer any water damage.

At Bunnell Hitchon Insurance Brokers, we recognize that every household is different. And for that reason, we offer a homeowner’s insurance policy that can be tailored to the specific needs of you and your family. Not to mention, our brokers are very experienced and eager to help you determine which coverage extensions you may need for your policy. These extensions can range anywhere from identity theft, to sewer or septic backup.

Although you may think it’s included in your current policy, it’s important to note that overland water damage protection isn’t normally covered in the base of a homeowner’s insurance policy. With the flooding that’s happening around the province, now would be the time to look into your current policy to review exactly what it entails.

In addition to houses being affected by the floods, condos, townhomes, and especially cottages are all at risk. Although these types of homes don’t always require insurance, it’s important to get coverage so you can ensure you have a rebuilding, repair, or replacement plan in place in case water damage does occur.

While personal property damage may be first on everyone’s mind right now, we understand it might not be your only concern. Flooding can cause damage to commercial property just as easily. Our commercial property insurance policy is customizable so we can get you the exact coverage you need to protect your property and it’s belongings. Our policy extends to both small and large businesses, so there’s a guarantee that we can get you the help you need. Most commercial property owners worry about insuring the building itself, but loss or damage to items like computers, files, and various equipment can be just as devastating to a business.

There’s no certainty to when this year’s rising water levels will no longer be a threat to personal and commercial properties. If you already have coverage in place, review your policy immediately to ensure you’re protected. If you currently have property that’s uninsured, contact a Bunnell Hitchon Insurance Broker today and we’ll provide you with a quote within 24 hours or less!

"Over the years, our risk management/insurance program has developed greatly and much in part with our partnerships with Mike Moore and the team at Bunnell Hitchon. Our direction of an integrated progressive combination of staff training, management education and senior management involvement in our risk management awareness has proven not only to make all our areas safe and consumer friendly, but also our claims control cost effective."

- Mark Binegman, Bingemans Inc.

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