Finding Auto Insurance in Brantford

Do you own and drive your vehicle in Brantford, Ontario? If so, you must carry liability insurance. Yet, you have many choices when it comes to insuring your car and selecting the right options can help you avoid serious financial problems in the future. Take the case of James and Betty R for example.

James and Betty were very fond of their brand new car. They enjoyed long drives each weekend and occasionally drove all the way to Huntsville and back. One beautiful Saturday afternoon, the couple was on the highway, when a large deer dashed across the road in front of them. James tried to avoid hitting the deer, but his efforts were fruitless. In fact, he lost control of the car and it struck two other vehicles, including a stretch limousine. The accident resulted in several serious injuries, including Betty and passengers in the limo.

After a long recovery period, Betty was almost back to normal, but the injuries sustained by people in the limo resulted in a lawsuit being launched against James for over $1,000,000.  Fortunately, James carried $2,000,000 worth of liability coverage, thanks to the advice from his helpful car insurance broker. In fact, he had raised the coverage just six weeks before the accident took place.

Do I Need Automobile Insurance?

You need vehicle insurance for many reasons. This insurance is:

  • Required by Ontario law – you must carry liability and accident benefit coverage or you could face stiff fines.
  • Pays for auto repairs due to accidents if optional coverage has been purchased.
  • defends you against legal liability and pays any damages awarded.
  • Pays for driver and passenger injuries from accidents you are involved in.
  • Provides financial peace of mind.

Who Needs Auto Insurance?

Do you own a passenger vehicle, pickup truck, van, or SUV? Maybe you are leasing your vehicle? Even if you own a car and never drive it, it may need to be insured. Do you only drive a few hundred kilometers each month? Perhaps you drive three or four thousand kilometers per month. Insurance is mandatory. Besides regular passenger vehicles, you may need to insure other vehicles you own:

  • Travel Trailers
  • Classic, collector, and antique cars
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motor homes

What Car Insurance Do You Have to Buy in Ontario?

According to the law, you need these four coverage types:

  1. Third party liability – pays for damages to other drivers’ cars, property, and injuries to drivers and passengers in other vehicles, if you are found at fault. The minimum you must carry is $200,000, and it is a good idea to have more coverage than that.
  2. Basic accident benefits – this provides coverage for medical treatments like chiropractic care, physical therapy, and income replacement, no matter which driver caused the accident.
  3. DCPD (also called direct compensation property damage coverage) – this benefit pays  for damage to your vehicle when the other driver is at fault. In other words, if you are found to be 50 percent at fault, your insurance company pays half of the damages through this coverage and the other half is covered by y collision insurance. However, there are qualifications, as such:
    • a. The accident must take place in Ontario
    • b. More than one vehicle must be involved
    • c. At least one other vehicle (in the accident) must be insured in the province of Ontario.
  4. Uninsured drivers – if the other owner and driver does not have insurance, your company will pay the amounts you have the legal right to recover for bodily injury resulting from an accident and damage to your automobile subject to the coverage limits.

What Options do I Have?

Here are coverage options you may want to check out:

  • Comprehensive – this pays for non-collision accident damages. For instance, your car may be damaged in a hailstorm. Maybe you parked it under a tree and a large tree limb fell on the car. Your comprehensive coverage also pays for fire, theft, vandalism, and glass breakage, too.
  • Collision including hit and run accidents where the other driver is not identified, for example in a parking lot.
  • Increased liability limits and accident benefits – this is a very important auto insurance consideration as the minimum legal limits may not be enough to fully protect you.
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car (while your vehicle is being fixed due to an insured loss)
  • Driver monitoring program – a small high tech device (plugged into your car) sends information about driving habits to a centralized database. Good drivers are guaranteed a reduction on their insurance premiums, and the reduction can be as high as 25 percent. This program can be extremely valuable if you have a teen driver in the household as  it helps them develop good driving habits.

How Can I Get the Best Car Insurance Coverage?

To get the best deals on insurance in Brantford, choose an insurance professional that works for you, and not an insurance company. That is why so many Ontario drivers are turning to insurance brokers like Bunnell Hitchon Insurance Brokers Inc.

Experience matters a great deal in the insurance industry, and we have been in business for more than 100 years. At Bunnell Hitchon Insurance Brokers Inc., you are our most important asset and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of customer service.

Our experienced brokers can provide you with a wide variety of insurance policies, as we represent many top rated Canadian insurers. In fact, we compare coverage and premium options so we can give you insurance customized for your needs, and some of the lowest rates in Ontario.

If you want to know more about insurance services from Bunnell Hitchon Insurance Brokers Inc., you can call us locally at 519-756-2200 or toll free at 888-318-2424.

"Bunnell Hitchon is a great Insurance broker. The have friendly staff, they are very understanding to your situation and needs, they work with you to find a great insurance company to fit your budget."

- T. Bomberry

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