Brantford High Value Home Insurance

Even with a typical homeowners insurance policy, there’s a great risk you may not be able to replace your beautiful home if disaster strikes. Why? Your home’s re-building value is probably higher than what your current policy will cover.

Insurance companies that specialize in high value homes realize that it is not just a home they are insuring but a lifestyle.   A standard homeowner policy many not provide proper coverage limits for the things that make a house a home.   Is your wine collection or artwork properly covered  Is the insurance company able to provide proper limits for your jewelry?  Is your home office properly insured?

High Valued Home Insurers have access to contractors who specialize in custom home restoration so you can be assured in the event of a disaster the contractors will treat your home like their own.

The more your house is worth, the greater the difference will be between what your current policy may pay and what your precious home will cost to replace.

We work with insuranace companies that appreciate the value of your home and its contents.   They are set up to properly meet your needs and provide coverage for your unique situation.

Brantford High value home insurance is available to most every homeowner that is concerned about covered replacement values. Typically, homes that are worth upwards of $750,000 should consider this insurance.

Let us help you protect what matters most to you.   Call us today, or complete our short quote form below and one of our professional insurance brokers will contact you to provide a no-risk insurance quote so you can go back to enjoying your beautiful home.

"Over the years, our risk management/insurance program has developed greatly and much in part with our partnerships with Mike Moore and the team at Bunnell Hitchon. Our direction of an integrated progressive combination of staff training, management education and senior management involvement in our risk management awareness has proven not only to make all our areas safe and consumer friendly, but also our claims control cost effective."

- Mark Binegman, Bingemans Inc.

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