With the promise of warmer days looming around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about insuring your summer toys! Knowing all of your summer vehicles are fully insured will put your mind at ease so you can sit back, relax, and truly enjoy your summer.

Classic Car Insurance

Car shows and summer cruise nights will be here before you know it. It’s time to take that 1966 Ford Mustang out of the garage and show off your thing of beauty! Your classic car likely has more value than any vehicle purchased in the last decade or longer. Registering your collectible vehicle under a regular car insurance policy could mean a considerable decrease in the value you receive in return, should your classic car need to be written off and replaced. With Bunnell Hitchon Classic Car Insurance, we can customize your policy to include the value of your collectible vehicle, the expected mileage, per year, and more!


Nothing more exciting than cruising down the open road on a nice summer day! If you’re a motorcycle owner, you probably wasted no time pulling the cover off your bike and taking it for a spin or two. As fun as driving one of those bad boys can be, it’s no secret that motorcycle collision and theft rates are pretty high. Before you get on your bike, we recommended getting your motorcycle insurance in order so you have the proper protection in place when you need it. Our tailor-made Bunnell Hitchon Motorcycle Insurance policies can include all the coverage you need from medical bills, to property damage liability.


Soon the beautiful lakes of Ontario will be fully thawed and ready for summer fun! Whether you own a catamaran or a speedboat, it’s important to make sure your vessel has the proper coverage. Anything can happen out in the open waters, and when trouble hits, it usually progresses quickly! Our boat insurance policy can cost you as little as a few dollars a month, which can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the line should something occur while you’re taking your boat out for a spin.


There’s no doubt we’re going to be seeing a lot of RVs out on the road this year. Extended camping trips, road trips; RVs provide great summer fun! Before you pack up the kids and hit the road, you’ll want to make sure you have insurance coverage specific to your RV. Although your car insurance policy may have some extensions to your RV, chances are it’s not covered completely. The important thing to remember about an RV is that it acts as both a vehicle, and a home. While your car insurance policy may cover accidents or damages that occur while your RV is in use as a vehicle, it likely won’t cover damages or theft that happen while the RV is immobile. Bunnell Hitchon RV Insurance is similar to having two policies in one. Part of the policy covers incidents that happen when your RV is being used as a mode of transportation, while the other part of the policy covers incidents that happen while your RV is in use as a home.

Summer is of course a great time of year to bring out your summer toys and spend time outdoors with family and friends. To further ensure you have a great summer, we at Bunnell Hitchon Insurance Brokers Inc. want to make sure you’re completely covered for all of your summer vehicles and vessels. Give yourself peace of mind and contact us today to find out how we can help you start your policy! www.bunnellhitchoninsurance.ca

"Always there when I needed them most!"

- J. Simmers

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