Travel insurance is one of the most important things to buy for your trip — no matter how long you are going away for it is a must have. There are many misconceptions or myths about travel insurance. At Bunnell Hitchon Insurance Brokers we get plenty of travel insurance related questions.

With over 150 years in business weve received countless questions and concerns in regards to travel insurance. Here’s the top travel insurance myths, busted.

But first, what is travel insurance anyhow? Travel insurance provides emergency care when things unexpectedly go wrong while traveling. Depending on the policy you purchase, it can be there for you when your luggage is lost by the airline with top phone games, you fall hiking, pop an eardrum scuba diving, break your leg while skiing, get a parasite overseas, or need to cancel or cut your trip short because a loved one died. It’s designed to be there for accidents and unexpected events you never thought could happen to you.

Myth: It’s Expensive – Many individuals think that travel insurance is costly. Often travelers aren’t interested in spending any extra money once already forking out cash for a pricey trip.

Myth Busted: Travel Insurance is Affordable – For as little as $3.50 per day, depending on your age and length of trip, travel insurance is the most important thing you hope you’ll never need. After all, we all get home insurance, life insurance, and car insurance. Getting travel insurance is the same thing, you want to protect yourself against the unexpected. For as little, or less than a coffee today you can have peace-of-mind on your trip knowing that you are covered in case of emergency.

Myth: My Credit Card Offers Protection and that’s Good Enough
Myth Busted: Credit Cards offer VERY Limited Protection – Credit cards, even the best, offer very limited protection. Some offer coverage for lost or stolen items, medical expenses, and trip cancellation if you booked your trip with the card, but they may not cover you being airlifted home or anything else (always check. You may also not be covered unless you activate the policy before your trip.) And, if they do cover something, the coverage limit may be so low that you might be shocked when you have to pay the difference. Bottom line: don’t rely on credit card coverage for any more than lost or stolen items, and maybe not even that.

Myth: Snowbirds Shouldn’t Bother Getting Travel Insurance as it is Pricier for Retirees

Myth Busted: Snowbirds Should Get Travel Insurance & It Is Quite Affordable – It is extremely important for snowbirds to get insurance coverage. Given snowbirds spend a long duration of time outside of their home country they are at higher risk for potential of the unexpected: a slip & fall or illness. Given the long distance from home, and need to seek immediate and close treatment for accidents while away it is of the utmost importance that snowbirds are thoroughly covered while enjoying their home away from home during the winter months.

Even though Retirees are often considered high risk, being insured as a snowbird is quite affordable. It is well worth the cost to those seeking escape from the cold during retirement.

Myth: I can get treated for an illness I already have

Myth Busted: Pre-Existing Conditions Don’t Count – Most travel insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions. If you get sick on the road, yes, travel insurance is there for you. But if you need medication for an ongoing chronic disease or a medical condition you knew of before you bought the policy, you could be out of luck. In addition, if you get sick under one policy and then you extend or start a new policy, most insurers will consider your illness a pre-existing condition and won’t cover it under your new policy.

Myth: Travel Insurance Covers Everything So I Can Go Wild

Myth Busted: Travel Insurance May Not Cover Unnecessary Risk – So you got drunk and hurt yourself? Will you be covered? Possibly not. If you are doing something foolish (whether drinking or not), insurance companies will want to know if putting yourself at unnecessary risk led to the injury.

If, after investigating, they find you did, they can deny your claim. That’s not to say that they expect you to be sober your entire trip, but let’s just say you’re unlikely to get reimbursed if you’re you’ve had too much to drink and decide to do something foolish, deliberately putting yourself at risk. So don’t be foolish – and check out the details of your policy with Bunnell Hitchon, your trusted insurance broker.

Myth: Travel Insurance Is Confusing, I Don’t Want to Bother

Myth Busted: Travel Insurance Can be Confusing, but you can simply call us! At Bunnell Hitchon Insurance we understand that travel insurance, and any insurance can be confusing. The good news for you is that is why we are here! Give us a call today and we’d be glad to give you any information you require on travel insurance, answer any questions you may have, and get the best travel insurance policy set up for you and your family.

At Bunnell Hitchon Insurance we hope that you never have to use travel insurance. We have seen how travel insurance has helped countless clients during unfortunate unexpected issues while travelling. We cannot stress how important travel insurance is. We want to help ensure that you are covered and prepared for whatever comes your way during your travel so you can rest easy – and enjoy,! Call us today for a travel insurance quote!

"I’ve been with Bunnell Hitchon for over 3 years now and their customer service continues to exceed my expectations. My broker provides sound and conscientious advice for both my personal and business insurance needs. It is clear that I’m not simply a policy number, but a valued customer. I would recommend Bunnell Hitchon to anyone who values competitive rates and remarkable customer service."

- Jack J. Wratton, Blast Environmental Services

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