In today’s day in age with so many insurance options, the ability to quickly browse the web and sign up for insurance products swiftly online why bother using an insurance broker?  At Bunnell Hitchon we’re in the business of providing personalized and reliable service to all of or clients.

Over our years of experience in the insurance industry (which is a long time as we were established way back in 1890!) we’ve had the opportunity to work with many different clients with diverse needs.

As industry experts, we’ve complied a list of what we think are the top 5 reasons you should consider using an insurance broker – give us a call!  Contact Us

1.  Providing Subject Matter Experts: We are the insurance matter experts, and our staff is trained with tailored product experience combined with countless  years of experience.

What does this mean to our clients?   It means that we can ensure you are buying the right kind of insurance, even when your needs may be complex.   We work with our clients closely to determine the lifestyle the lead, and arrange insurance coverage based on individual and commercial needs that our clients and their families may have.

2.Personalized Service:  Insurance brokers have the ability to provide our clients with personalized, tailored service.  We pride ourselves on the personal and meaningful client relationships we’ve had the opportunity to foster and continue throughout the years.

We are able to provide our clients with dedicated client managers who engage with our clients to determine what they need right now, and what they may need in the future based on their lifestyle or business.

At Bunnell Hitchon we offer the ability to do business in person, over the phone, or online whichever suits our client’s needs best.   We like the ability to adapt the good name health website to what our client’s need, and how they prefer to do business.   With this flexibility we are able to provide exceptional service day in and day out.

3. Helping You Keep It Simple:  We respect the fact that our clients lead busy lives.  Our brokerage philosophy has always been “keep it simple”.  By creating a holistic approach for clients we are able to provide simplified insurance portfolios.

Many of our clients have on single, portfolio policy which incorporates home, travel and car insurance with one renewal date.

4. Saving You Time:  Instead of spending countless hours of your time searching for the correct comprehensive policy, the right rates, and ensuring your are properly covered in the case of a claim we take all of the work out of that onerous task and do it for you!

We’ll search the market on your behalf and find the most appropriate insurance coverage for your assets.   We present t our clients a number of options and explain the coverage and the small print of each option in order to ensure our client’s insurance needs are met.

5. Being There in Your Time of Need: In times of stress for our clients we’re able to be there to once again offer our personalized service and expertise.   Instead of a stranger at a call center we offer a personalized client Manager that is familiar with your lifestyle, business, and your insurance coverage.

The claims process can add more stress for clients during an already demanding time.  We work on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.

In the event of a loss, clients are asked to provide inventories and paperwork providing values of what they are claiming against.   With Bunnell Hitchon this process is seamless as we will have previously helped to ensure that this paperwork existed and in some cases we have electronic copies of these documents already on hand.

Making sure that you have the right insurance coverage is vital in ensuring that you and your family have the protection that you require.  Finding the right insurance can be confusing and time consuming.

By working with Bunnell Hitchon you can rely on us to ensure that you are adequately protected and can have peace of mind knowing we’ve got your best interest at heart.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can provide you personalized service for all of your insurance needs!

"My wife and I were recent clients of Arslan. I wanted to let you know that he did an excellent job and was very thorough and informative. As a first time home buyer, there is much to consider. On top of tis, my wife and I purchased a historical home in Brantford and ran into some insurance complications in this regard. Arslan not only assisted us in finding reasonably rated Home and Auto insurance, but he did it in plain language, speaking to us more like a friend. He should be commended for a job well done."

- Rob Centurione

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